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Regardless of the current nature of the housing sector, bathroom remodeling has consistently ranked among the highest percentage investment return.

Would you think of your bathroom space as one when you think of a Relaxation space in your home? How about lifetime memories in that little space around the home, Does your bathroom also keep these close and dear? Are you in the Chicago area? We can help.

We all know that a bathroom is a critical and much-needed luxury in any home. That is completely a must for unique hygienic purposes! For the fact: the additional benefit and interest goes up for a well-maintained or newly renovated bathroom upon resale.

In addition to its purpose, functionality, & home value benefit, we often seem to forget lasting memories, or at least find this part less significant. A transformed bathroom gives your home added value, changes its style and makes it easier to suit your needs. Renovations are the perfect move for you and your family to improve your home’s interior design pattern.

Those soothing bubble baths for mom which took us away from the daily hustles of life just for moments in time, And what about your child’s first bath memories? Often our attention is caught on how a bathroom physically serves its purpose and functionality and we forget what memories it has generated inside.

As a family owned and operated business in Chicago, we understand how precious and vital family means to us to make those unique lasting memories. The memories that fill our hearts are what we strive to change in our business and that’s how we do it. Our approach to remodeling of the bathroom is to really listen to our customers and consider what they want.

Our bathroom renovation covers various activities:

  • Plumbing
  • Flooring
  • Sub flooring
  • Backsplash
  • Bathtub installation
  • Custom Based Showers
  • Vanities
  • Faucets & Fixtures
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Drywall & plaster
  • Painting

When you spend money on bathroom remodeling this year, consider making one or more of these adjustments to improve your bathroom’s efficiency, storage, and comfort. Domestic upgrades, including bathroom renovations, increase the resale value of homes and provide a relaxing environment for private activities as part of the project.

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Individualized Bathroom Renovation

Home improvements differ from person to person. Get inspired by what you see. There may even be some people who are inspired by a different source. Just like to look at the bathroom of the neighbor and look forward or even better to your arrival. Others collect their views from friends and magazines. Some may require the services of an architect, depending on the nature of work.

Once the concept problem has been overcome, it is time to look at the areas for reconstruction. The bathroom remodeling process requires less waste in the landfills when implemented as a big part of the bathroom remodeling cycle. This is a good environmental benefit.

A great deal of bathroom remodeling ideas from our past projects can get you started:

Lightings Improvement

Bathrooms appear to have little exposure to natural light, so excellent lighting is required. Consider adjusting or adding to your current lighting when preparing to reshape your bathroom to enhance the functionality and mood of the place. For the main lights, the first major light change will be dimmer. If you want to relax, it’s not much fun to have it hot.

Consider lower lights all over your ceiling to lighten the room. Set up the dimmer switch in your bathroom to change the mood. You want to decide whether you want esthetic or practical lighting using a mirror in your bathroom. If your make-up or rasp, clear, correctly positioned lights go a long way to help you see what you do closely.

Window in the shower

One of the greatest allies of a clean bathroom has to do with the humidity due to bad or inadequate ventilation that remains trapped in the vacuum. Although a good bathroom fan will make a big difference, it’s still natural ventilation that is the best ventilation.

Adding a window will help keep your bathroom clean and free from mold and mildew. Natural ventilation is efficient, particularly if after use, you leave the door to the bathroom open. A window also adds to a shower by having natural lights in.

When done right, this is a fantastic function. Few things to consider: Choose a frosted-glass panel that opens up to fresh air for protection.

Plumbing Needs

Usually, residential plumbing uses 11⁄2-inch drainage tubing. The larger the drain, the lower the risk of blocking. The difference in costs to increase the drain to 2 inches is practically negligible, so you should consider raising the drains in your shower to 2 inches unless.

Furthermore, your water supply lines mustn’t be diverted through an external wall if you live in a region where the temperature falls below freezing during the winter.

Shower floor

During your bathroom remodeling, you’ll have lots of flooring, wall and tile choices to make. Your shower floor tiling would be the most critical to health. Choose a short, textured tile with a shower. The texture and extra grouting will protect your feet from sliding as soon as the floor is soapy and humid. Many modern tiles in the bathroom are easy to clean and use grouts that resist mold, moisture, and stains.

Larger tiles are usually more difficult to slope properly, and since the grout lines are farther apart, they can be slipperier when they’re textured. Smaller tiles, whether they’re textured or not, provide more friction and are usually the standard for shower floors, though the choices are almost endless.

Ceramic or porcelain tiles offer you plenty of possibilities for design and decor. For optimum visual effect, mix and match various patterns and colors.

Tub or shower

So many people add a bath simply because they believe they should. However, a bath isn’t always a requirement, especially if you don’t take baths. Although there are still real estate professionals who claim that a bathroom with a tub is more appealing to prospective buyers than a bathroom with a shower, this is much less relevant for buyers today than it once was. And your major concern will be how you will be using the space over the next few years.

Include it in your remodeling if you enjoy baths. However, if you rarely do, the installation of a large shower can be much better. Want more bathroom remodeling ideas?

Wondering how much does it cost to remodel a small bathroom in Chicago? Or do you need a renovation done in Chicago or seeking a bathroom remodeling company near me? You’ve come to the right place!

We can get it done for you at a no bank breaking cost. Find our ‘before and after’ remodeling services in Chicago to know about us and what we do best in the bathroom remodeling business. A renovation will improve the quality, functionality, and design of your bathroom. Consider some of the above small but significant changes when planning what kind of work you want to do to improve your bathroom.

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