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If you are searching for a group of highly talented carpenters, builders, carpenter and mason then just look at the Ashdel team of Chicago area. We are proud to provide you full carpentry remodeling service from the beginning to the end. Reach unto us if you want to add a deck to your patio, get your wood pressurized, or provide a full interior refurbishment service that we can assist.

Our professional team has over 10 years ‘experience to ensure not only the job is completed but also with the best pricing.

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We offer woodwork, producing beautiful and unique outputs to meet the needs of our customers in Chicago, IL including:

  • Repair of existing doors, door stops, and hinges
  • Repair of countertops
  • Repair of torn carpeting
  • Installation and construction of desktops
  • Repair of damaged wooden furniture
  • Replacement damaged of handrails
  • Repair of damaged interior tile surfaces
  • Repair of acoustical tiles in ceilings
  • Construction and repairs of bulletin boards
  • Relocation of shelves

Our specialists in house improvement are skilled in building individual cabinets and storage for any room, to the size and style you need. If you need more room, discuss the construction of a set of attractive housing units particularly suitable for your home with us. We install shop-built units and build shelves and bookcases from scratch to meet requirements.

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